How To Use?

September 22, 2017

How to convert word to latex

Docx2Latex is a online service that helps you generate latex source code (.tex) from uploaded (.docx) files. Although it is very easy to use this blog post explains how to use this website. This post is helpful for newly registered users. Docx2Latex provides many advanced and cutting edge features. We provide you clean and fully editable LaTeX source code that can be modified and customized as per your need. We also provide compiled PDF for the generated code. Docx2Latex has integrated import support for Google Docs. You can collaborate on Google Docs and import documents with a single click. Docx2Latex provides templates for most common documents to get you started with. Docx2Latex converts all major type of elements like paragraph styles, tables, mathematical equations, images, header, footer, footnotes and much more. Isn't it exciting? So lets get started...

Getting Started

  1. First step is to Sign Up if you haven't already !

  2. After you have logged in click on 'Get Started Now'.

  3. Click on 'Upload' button in the middle block

  4. At this point you can choose the way to upload a file. It can be uploading from Device or importing Google Docs.

  5. Once you have selected a document, just click Submit and wait for download.

  6. It is that simple !