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Writing math equations in Google Docs

Google Docs is a brilliant tool for writing documents. You can collaborate with colleagues in real-time and with a lot of life-saving features, it makes your research writing a ton easier.

However, writing math equations in Google Docs is tricky. It would often take you a while to find a simple symbol.

Using Docx2LaTeX Add-on to write equations is a no-brainer here. You can directly use LaTeX syntax to write display style or inline equations and preview the rendered output as you type.

It also provides features to number and cross-refer equations right in Google Docs, isn’t this awesome!

Writing 'Display Style' math equations

Display style equations appear on their own line as opposed to inline equations and have whitespace extra space above and below.

Click on the Equation button and the Docx2LaTeX Equation Editor will pop up. (Refer next figure for the screenshot.)

  1. Numbered Equation switch: If switched 'ON', the equation will be numbered sequentially. Switch it off if you don’t want numbered equations.
  2. Equation Label field: Label equations to be used for cross-referencing in other parts of the document.
  3. LaTex code for Equation field: Write LaTeX code for the equation you want to insert.
  4. Preview section:This section will show the rendered output of the LaTeX code as you type it.

Writing 'inline' math equations

Inline equations can be written directly in the normal text if you surround the LaTeX syntax with “$$” delimiter.

e.g. $$ E = mc^2 $$

Note: Remember to compile and render all the inline equations inside Google Docs before exporting to LaTeX. Inline equations won’t be rendered into final LaTeX code, if you fail to do so.

There are four different options to render and de-render inline equations.

  1. Render All Equations:

    This feature will compile and render all the equations of the document that has been enclosed in “$$” delimiters. This is used for bulk processing of the equations.

  2. De-Render All Equations:

    This feature will revert back all the rendered equations into the text format so that you can again edit them.

  3. Render Selected Eqn.:

    This feature will compile only selected equation. To render a single selected equation select from the leftmost side of the left “$$” delimiter to the right-most side of the right “$$” delimiter. e.g. $$ E = mc^2 $$

  4. De-Render Selected Eqn.:

    This feature will de-render the selected equation.

Read Cross-referencing in Google Docs to learn about cross-referencing the equations.

With Docx2LaTeX, writing, labeling, cross-referencing equations and even writing inline equations becomes an efficient, less time-consuming, and hassle-free task. Install the Docx2LaTeX Google Docs Add-on Now!

Make your writing fast, efficient, and powerful!

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